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What is a BitCoin worth in dollars?

25th January 2016


Bitcoin are hanging about the $390-$400 mark and now blockchain is recieving big interest from the UK government. Some speculators are saying $1000 this year i’m not too sure about that but $700-$800 is my guess


Now back with Ethereum or should I say superEthereum- Current price $2.47 wow what a beauty I started mining at $1.15 and couldn’t have asked for more. Price rise comes on much larger volume trading and looking good. I hope you all managed to dip a toe



15th January 2016


ok so we have seen bitcoin go right up to the dizzy heights of $460's and today saw it come rattling back down to the $380. I think this may have something to do with the negitive news surrounding a few hash companies. Just like the old days of the gold rush there's gonna be a lot of scandrals about.
Regarding Ethereum - looks like its taken off already and i missed the boat. Price is around $1.15 at time of writting but still early doors. I might get lucky and get in soon.



31st December 2015

Strength in the US$ is causing this to sit $420's not been as volitile than in previous weeks. We will have to see how the numbers stack up on the christmas spending.
In other news Ethereum has been having a charge of late. price to BTC 0.00225 ($0.95)at time of writting. I will be looking to get in at around 0.0018-0.0021 range and will start mining them then as well. I think we might see some good things from Ethereum in 2016, they are already starting to gear up a bit.

18th December 2015

Due to the nice stability of the coin at $450-$460 lately faucet payments will have to be reduced, but instead of reducing the amount of bitcoins / satoshi you receive we are increasing the time required per claim. This change will take place in 48 HRS time from 18:30 GMT so BIG change 20th december 2015 @ 18:30 GMT


16th Ddecember 2015


What a rocket this has been since first getting in at $246 a couple of months back this has done nothing but grow. at time of writting we are at $454.7 a slight retrace from $460 yesterday. I still feel we will be dropping back down a little probably $410-$440 is a better call now with all this support. I wonder what the Fed will be doing at 2 today and if it will make a difference in the mighty BitCoin.

16th November 2015


We have seen some nice movement lately getting up to the dizzy heights of $400 but now has settled more at 310-350 range

6th November 2015

The BitCoin price is going up and down daily. Peaking at $1,140.00, it has since dropped to less than $300 and seen signs in the last few days of being able to break the 300 once again. broke through 300 hopefully will hold


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